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Analog Signature Analysis (ASA) and PC Oscilloscope with FADOS test systems from ProT Ar-Ge

ProT Ar-Ge developes and manufactures electronic test systems, such as those based on the analogue signature analysis test systems like FADOS7F1 and FADOS9F1. The systems provide 7 functions or 9 functions in one test system which is unique in the world so far. The comparative ability of the ASA is a very effective method for troubleshooting problems with circuit boards or other electrical and electronic circuits. Self-explanatory and without detailed knowledge of the defective circuit troubleshooting by ASA without the schematic is possible. This makes the FADOS7F1 and FADOS9F1 made by ProT Ar-Ge become an indispensable tool for all applications. The small, handheld devices only need a labtop PC for operation.

The effective test method ASA troubleshooting requires no power to the DUT. A sinusoidal AC voltage with current limit via two lines to a board (or a single component) is applied. The resulting "signature" is a voltage-current graph (vertical deflection current and horizontal deflection voltage) shown. This typical signature at a connection point of a circuit is a comparison with a known functional board and is a reliable information on whether the analyzed point has problems by a faulty component or a lack of connection available.

When excessive current flow or a short circuit, making conventional troubleshooting impossible, FADOS systems are the ideal instrument. If fuses trigger on power on, FADOS system can prevent further damage to electronic circuits and find the error.

Unlike a special ICT or functional test with an enormous amount of programming time and adapter cost you can start troubleshooting with a FADOS system immediately. Especially for small series one FADOS system is a perfect complement of the measuring equipment repair departments.

FADOS Systems can help you too!


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